Savings Account

Saving Accounts

Regular Savings

A regular savings account is perfect for you and your business too.

Vacation Club Savings Account

The account that you have been waiting for, don’t just talk about vacation, make it happen! This account is designed to automatically transfer from another Crossroads Bank checking or savings account, or another institution. We limit your withdrawals in a twelve month period, so your money will be there for YOU when it’s vacation time!

Read for Dollars Savings Account

This account is Fun, as well as Smart! All children deserve to be rewarded when they do well, and we have a savings account just for them! Crossroads Bank has a “Kids Savings Account” where your child could earn an extra $10.00 a year for being a good student! When a student receives an “A” in Reading or Literature, we pay extra! Your child will learn at an early age how important reading is and take pride in watching their account grow! If your child doesn’t make an “A”, they still receive a bookmark and a scholastic book when opening the account.

Christmas Club Savings

There is never enough money for Christmas, but saving in advance puts less stress on any family during the Holiday Season. An automatic transfer from a checking or savings account is made easy and you decide if weekly or monthly is your choice. Make your Holiday shopping extra special this year- Join the Club!